Melanated and Medicine

Dropping some motivation! 

I remember being an over enthusiastic high school student dissecting a fetal pig in biology class. The more we learned about the body the more I wanted to know! That was the start of a long and difficult road to becoming a doctor. As a first generation American, college student, and soon to be the first in my family to become a doctor…I had many questions, doubts, fears, and anxieties. I attended pre-med conferences and panel discussions just to figure out if I had the ability to get into medical school. So now that I’m here (and making it through my 3rd year) I am big on encouraging other students with similar dreams to pursue this passion.

I was presented with the opportunity to speak on a panel and share some advice with high school and college students and was reminded of how much my representation, my being black and a female in a medicine is necessary!

During the discussion, a high school student started crying as she shared that she never thought she could strive to become a doctor because she’s not the “perfect and ideal” student and wasn’t getting straight As. Also, as someone coming from a Muslim background, her family doesn’t support her dream. But to see students of color excelling, breaking barriers, and becoming what she hopes to one day be gave her the encouragement to never give up on her dream! 

As I don my white coat each morning I am humbled by what this represents. Not only is a representation of status but a symbol of hope to young girls that look like me who have big dreams that they too can make it!

I just wanted to use this platform to encourage you to continue to chase your dream no matter how ridiculous and absurd it may sound. Look at any success story and you will see people who told them they couldn’t make it, they were out of their mind, they aren’t the ideal person to get the job done because of the color of their skin, gender, background, ethnicity! And yet…they chased their dream anyways! So run after that dream…sometimes you have to run alone as some people (even friends and family) may not get it. Don’t be afraid to fail! You may fall 9 times but make sure you get up 10!