The Application Process: Getting Into Medical School

53,042 applied hoping to be one of 22,036 accepted into medical school. Only 42% of applicants will officially begin their journey of becoming a doctor while the remaining 58% will have to try again the following year or…

This post is for those considering medical school and who may even felt like me in that they do not have what it takes to actually get in. After all, my college dean told me I would not get in so…

I chose to apply anyways!!!

After 4 years of undergrad, 2 years of graduate school, and 1.5 years working, I finally took that leap of faith and began the application process. It was an expensive and tiring leap with many many many rejections. Talk about injuring one’s ego! I was already doubting I would get in but with each rejection I felt even more defeated. But I chose to apply anyways! Why? Mostly because of my faith in God and I knew if He wanted me to be a doctor He would make it happen. Also, I could not envision my life being anything else but a doctor so I figured I give it my best shot and see what happens. I applied to 14 schools where only 2 invited me in for an interview with only 1 actually accepting me. Despite the odds being stacked against me I just needed one school to see my potential, believe in me and say yes…the same way you only need one yes to begin your journey of becoming a doctor!

Everyone interested in becoming a doctor always wants to know how to create the perfect application. So here’s the secret…there is no perfect application or secret sauce that guarantees ones acceptance!

Okay, actually I lied…the perfect application is one that reflects your personality, your dreams, and who you are!

You do NOT and I repeat do NOT need straight As and a perfect MCAT score…there are people who have all of this and still do not make it in. Do not allow a mediocre GPA or MCAT score stop you from applying. If you want a stronger application before applying looking into baccalaureate or master’s programs that allow you to strengthen your application and give you opportunities to do research, volunteer, and shadow.

If you took time off after undergrad talk about that! Share what those experiences have taught you and find a clever way to weave that into your desire to be a physician. Prior to applying I worked at a homeless shelter and was able to connect my passion with working with those experiencing homelessness how I want to serve, advocate, and educate a marginalized population.

If you’re currently applying or thinking of applying do not hesitate to reach out to me at for advice

Here’s a list of some post-bacc programs to consider -

Be Encouraged,

~ Terri-Ann Marie