Dreamin' On

Indulge me for a second as I remind you of “greats” who did not allow a failure to stop them from pursuing their dreams and greatness:


Oprah Winfrey - grew up in poverty and was sexually abused as a child, she even ran away from home and became pregnant at a young age but the baby did not survive…despite her upbringing Mother O pushed on

Michael Jordan - did not make his high school basketball team because he was too short and could not dunk…now all he is known for is his gravity defying dunks

Beyonce Knowles - her group Girl’s Tyme appeared on Star Search and lost not to mention the countless setbacks the group Destiny’s Child faced on their way to stardom…yes even Queen Bey faced failure

Terri-Ann Marie - was advised by her dean during undergrad to give up her dream of becoming a doctor because she would never get into medical school…she is now 3/8ths of her way to becoming a doctor


“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." ~ Gail Devers

What if Oprah, Michael, Beyonce, and hey even me allowed life and the opinion of others get in the way of pursuing our dreams? Well, the world would not stand in long lines the night before a new Jordan dropped or use their life-sizings for a Beyonce ticket. Instead of allowing their failures to hold them back, they worked harder, smarter, and perfected their craft to become the best. They pushed on despite the odds and did not allow past failures to determine their future. I pushed on despite advice of my dean to change careers. I still applied to medical school despite the not so perfect grades or MCAT score. Why? Because I had a dream that I refused to let die and with God on my side, I knew He could do anything

Too many times we allow someone else to dictate our future. We allow one person’s no, a loss, an obstacle, or our current situation to keep us from chasing our dreams. So what if you didn’t make the team, so what if you have no money in the bank, so what if no one else in your family went to college or have their own business? So what?!?

What dreams are you allowing to die because of a past failure? What dreams have you given up on because someone said you couldn’t do it? What dreams have you stopped chasing because things didn’t work out for you before?

I am here to encourage you to pick up that dream, dust it off, and go for it! Don’t allow one or 100 of no’s stop you from being great. Who know you may just be the next Michael Jordan, Oprah, or Beyonce. I mean think about it, because you said no to your dream the world is now missing out on your greatness.

Be Encouraged,

~ Terri Marie

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