Where is my Boaz? Or David

To all my single ladies, single ladies (put your hands up) out here busy working like Ruth wondering where is there Boaz...this post is for you!

Boaz is like the biblical version of Prince Charming, who rides in on his horse, is in awe of Ruth, and decides to show her favor and marry her. Surprised Disney hasn’t tried to make this into a fairy tale yet! Anyways...we are all too busy waiting for Mister Perfect to ride into our lives and carry us off to happily ever after. But what if the man God has for us isn’t a Boaz. What if he isn’t perfect but is actively working on him.

What if he’s an Abraham - before Abraham became the father of faith he doubted that God could give him a child in his own age. He even tried to make God’s plan come through by doing things his own way.

What if your hubby is a Moses - before he came the great leader that led God’s people out of Egypt into the promised land, he believed he was unqualified for the job and lacked confidence in his abilities.

What if bae is a David - although his heart belonged to God he sinned and orchestrated a murder to cover up his wrong doing.

What I’m saying is - what if God’s best for you is someone that isn’t 100% perfect but a perfect compliment for you.

What if he has the potential to be a strong man of faith, a leader, or a devoted worshiper of God but he needs you to be his Help Mate and will help him in those areas where he is lacking. Sometimes we are too busy looking for someone who seems to have it all together  that we overlook the struggling servants.

Sooo stop wondering where your Boaz is and start preparing to compliment your Abrahams, Moseses, and Davids.