Journeying to a Healthier Version of Myself


2019 is all about becoming a healthier version of myself and loving me along the way. Okay I know every year weight loss is one of my New Year resolutions but this year it’s different (okay I’m not just saying that I actually mean it) Well how am I so confident? Because I’ve learned from past mistakes and is here to share them with you": 

  1. Working out every day does not mean you get to eat whatever you want! Okay sooo maybe I didn’t work out every day but I did put in a lot of hours and money at the gym (personal trainers aren’t cheap). But that didn’t matter and was such a waste if the way I ate didn’t change. After all, what’s easier...eating 500 calories or losing 500 calories??? Yup eating 500 calories is a lot easier and might I add a lot more tastier than sweat. So for this new weight loss journey I had to  not only “move it move it” but be conscious of what I was eating.

  2. Sooo since I need to “move it move it” does that mean I need to live at the gym??? Nope! You need to work out every day to lose weight! Common misconception is that you need to be in the gym 24/7. Uhm I don’t know about you but I have a life and don’t want to be a gym rat. According to American Heart Association, they recommend 150 minutes of moderate activity a week in order to lose weight. You can break that up however you want - 30 minutes for 5 days or an hour for 3 days. However you choose just just make sure you are working out 150 minutes a week. And don’t forget tip #1 - what you eat matters as well!

  3. Take pictures and track your progress! It’s so easy to lose hope especially after a few weeks of working out and eating right and the scale is not moving. Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? So as you are burning fat you are also building muscle! So don’t be dismayed by a slow down in your weight loss and don’t give up! Instead take a nude pic! Okay maybe not completely nude but underwear is optional. Stand in front of your mirror and take pictures capturing all your angles (front, side, back). Do this so you can compare where you currently are to where you was when you first started. You’ll be surprised by all the subtle changes your body is making. Tracking your progress through pictures will motivate you that all you have been doing isn’t a waste of time and motivate you to keep going!

So don’t give up! Keep fighting towards that goal!

Healthier Version of Myself

~ Terri-Ann Marie