Skin Goals

Is beautiful healthy skin one of your 2019 goals? Well it’s one of mine! Finally decided to pay more attention to my skin and invest in products that will allow me to fearlessly flaunt my face without make-up or concealer. In order to reach my goals, I decided to use Urban Skin Rx! Why? Well one it’s a black business for black woman! Also they carry a good amount of products that address any concerns and they all had great reviews. 

I chose to start with their Ultimate Package to see what products worked best for me and to establish a better skin care routine.


I promise to share with you any results and my thoughts after using their products. To be fair it takes about a month for skin to regenerate so any long-term changes like a more even skin tone or reducing dark spots will have to wait til then. 

But I will say after just a couple of weeks my skin feels smoother and more hydrated so here’s to hopefully finally finding a line of products that works for me.

Interested in trying Urban Skin Rx for yourself?

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