not another blog! i know with everyone wanting to become a blogger and some sort of influencer why should you subscribe to my site or even read anything i have taken precious time out of my day to write (time i should be using to study but…) well i decided to blog because i want to encourage others to live their life boldly, confidently, and unafraid. i grew up with low-self esteem and was afraid to speak up or take any risks but as i grew to love and accept me and my wonderful flaws i found my voice which i want to share or bore you with. so join me on this journey as i become a doctor and look stylish while doing so

terri-ann marie

hi. i’m terri-ann marie…a 2nd year medical school student, fashionista, and self-love advocate

this site is for those interested in pursuing medicine or is in love with fashion or in need of some encouragement

i pray each post encourages and inspires you to become the person God has created you to be

do not be afraid to live your life boldly, confidently, and unafraid